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    Full Membership

    Join as a full member if you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗 are a professional scholar interested in participating fully in the society. This includes attending and presenting papers at meetings, full access to career resources and participating in the governance of the Society.

    Student Membership

    Currently enrolled students will receive most of the benefits of a full membership but student members are limited to presentation of one paper per Annual Meeting. Submission of a copy of you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗r student ID is required within two weeks of the start of you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗r membership.

    Public Membership

    Public memberships are for those interested in the many on-line benefits of SBL membership. Public members are restricted from many aspects of membership and cannot participate in the governance of the Society or propose papers for any SBL meeting, although they can attend.

    Please note that members formerly holding ICI membership will select the rate appropriate for them from the table above and renew their membership online, by fax, or by phone. Learn more about the International Cooperation Initiative (ICI).

    Are you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗 an institution?
    Membership is for individuals only. If you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗 are an institution and would like to subscribe to the Journal of Biblical Literature or the Review of Biblical Literature, please download the subscription form and mail or fax it to our office.

    Questions About Membership?
    • Call 866-727-9955 toll-free in the US
    • Call 404-727-9498 outside the US
    • Fax us at 470-777-2464
    • Email us


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