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    Reflections from Your Colleagues. Help Support the SBL.

    Why Join SBL?

    Connect to SBL’s extensive community of scholars, teachers and other professionals in biblical studies. For a 130 years, SBL has served the interests of its members and the field at large. SBL members are part of an vital network that provides access to targeted career services, the latest news of the field, font tools and digital texts for scholarship and timely,critical reviews of the latest scholarship. When you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗 attend SBL’s Annual or International Meeting, you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗 have the opportunity to expand you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗r professional network, participate in compelling sessions covering the full range of biblical studies, and hone you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗r skills in professional-development workshops.



    Membership Rates

    Total Personal Annual Income StudentFullPublic
    $0 - $9,999 $11 $17 $11
    $10,000 - $24,999 $38 $49 $33
    $25,000 - $49,999 $38 $81 $54
    $50,000 - $74,999 $38 $124 $83
    $75,000 - $99,999 $38 $166 $111
    $100,000 and over $38 $225 $150

    Membership Categories

    Student Membership  
    Currently enrolled students receive the benefits of a full membership but student members are limited to presentation of one paper per Annual Meeting. Submission of a copy of you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗r student ID is required within two weeks of the start of you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗r membership.

    Full Membership 
    Join as a full member if you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗 are a professional scholar and interested in participating fully in the society. This includes attending and presenting papers at meetings, full access to career resources and participating in the governance of the Society.  
    Public Membership 
    Public memberships are for those interested in the many on-line benefits of SBL membership. Public members are restricted from many aspects of membership and cannot participate in the governance of the Society or propose papers for any SBL meeting although they can attend.
    Membership Information

    New SBL Membership Rate Model

    We are very pleased to announce a new membership rate model, beginning February 1 and listed above, that the SBL Council believes will foster biblical scholarship and promote community that cares for our collective future. The model begins February 1 and is income-based; rates are listed above. The new rate structure will provide more thoroughgoing fairness based on ability to pay and maintain rates comparatively low for a learned society member at every income level. Previous membership rates were $60 for Student, $105 for Full, and $55 for Public. Applying an income-based membership fee looks to the future and supports accessibility across the globe and for all scholars, whatever stage of their career. With you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗r membership, you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗 can support this new model, which supports all of our members and the resources that make membership valuable.


    Please note that members formerly holding ICI membership will select the rate appropriate for them from the table above and renew their membership online, by fax, or by phone. Learn more about the International Cooperation Initiative (ICI).

    Donate to SBL
    The generous contributions from our volunteer leaders, members, and friends are greatly appreciated.  Through you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗r support the Society is able to:
    • Grant SBL Awards to you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗ng scholars

    • Provide resources for the International Cooperation Initiative, which works to promote the exchange of ideas, scholarship, and leadership between scholars and students globally

    • Meet the needs of teachers in US public education who are developing Bible courses for ninth through twelfth grades.

    • Develop cutting edge fonts and other tools
    We thank our donors and volunteers for making these and other achievements possible.
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