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    Biblical Fonts

    Biblical Fonts

    The Society of Biblical Literature has collaborated with many organizations and individuals to develop fonts for biblical scholars. The SBL is currently developing a new series of high-quality fonts for digital and print use. This series includes SBL BibLit, which combines Greek, Hebrew, and Latin characters, including transliteration diacritics, SBL Greek, a Greek-specific font, and SBL Hebrew, a Hebrew-specific font.

    SBL Greek Sample

    SBL has an FAQ page that addresses some common font difficulties, including installation. If you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗 cannot find an answer there you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗 can either post a question on the forum or e-mail font support. While we welcome you中国福利彩票app靠谱吗r questions, please consult the FAQ before emailing.
    For operating system-specific directions, please see our Windows 7, Windows 8, and Macintosh OS X pages.
    SBL Font Foundation
    The SBL Fonts are available thanks in part to the tremendous generosity of the members of the SBL Font Foundation. To become a member, please contact SBL Fonts. Current members of the SBL Font Foundation include:  
    • American Bible Society,

    • American Schools of Oriental Research,

    • Baker Academic,

    • Baylor University Press,

    • BibleWorks,

    • Brill Academic Publishers,

    • Concordia Publishing House,

    • German Bible Society,

    • Logos Bible Software,

    • Society of Biblical Literature, http://www./

    • United Methodist Publishing House,

    • Westminster John Knox,
    Commercial uses of SBL Fonts
    SBL fonts are made available without cost to individual scholars for non-profit use. Please see the SBL Font User Agreement. Commercial use requires the purchase of a license or membership in the SBL Font Foundation. Please download this form for information on obtaining a license to use the SBL Fonts for commercial purposes.

    SBL BibLit, SBL Greek and SBL Hebrew were designed and developed by John Hudson of Tiro Typeworks. Visit his website at:

    SP Fonts
    The legacy SP Fonts, developed by James R. Adair, are also available. Installation instructions and keyboard layou中国福利彩票app靠谱吗ts are available in the readme files. Please note, these fonts are not part of the SBL Font series and are not Unicode compliant.

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